Install MapMint

MapMint The application can be installed very simply using Ansible scripts. It is thus possible to deploy several instances of MapMint through the use of the ansible-playbook. In this part of the installation will affect only a single instance, the local host that uses a GNU/Linux distribution: Ubuntu 14.03.3 LTS.


Python packages and modules

Before you can install MapMint using Ansible scripts, it is necessary to ensure the presence of some Ubuntu packages and specific Python modules.

sudo apt-get install git python-setuptools openssh-server
sudo easy_install pip
sudo pip install paramiko PyYAML Jinja2 httplib2 six

Ansible download and install scripts

It is necessary to download and Ansible specific scripts installation MapMint. To do this, use the following commands.

mkdir mm-install
cd mm-install
git clone git:// --recursive
git clone git:// mapmint-setup

Generating an SSH key

So your user can connect to the server via SSH MapMint on which to install, you must create a key to abort an automatic authentication. To do this use the following command.

mkdir ~/.ssh
ssh-keygen -t rsa
sudo mkdir /root/.ssh
sudo cp ~/.ssh/ /root/.ssh/authorized_keys


The last command remove all authorized key server.


Use a different order if you want to update the list of authorized keys.


Installing MapMint is fully automated via the Ansible previously downloaded scripts, so it only remains to launch. Before that, it will be necessary to set Ansible and specific scripts installation MapMint to define the name of the machine that will be used to access the instance.

Initially you will enable Ansible and define which machines you want to install MapMint. In the example presented here, the facilities will be made ​​on the local machine, so localhost .

source ~/mm-install/ansible/hacking/env-setup
echo "localhost" > ~/ansible_hosts
sed "" -i \
export ANSIBLE_INVENTORY=~/ansible_hosts


localhost should be replaced with the machine name or IP address allowing public access to the proceedings.

It remains only to invoke the installation of MapMint with the command below.

cd ~/mm-install/mapmint-setup/ubuntu
ansible-playbook -s server.yml -u root

To access your MapMint instance, you can use the following links: