What is an indicator ?

A MapMint indicator is a map (map file) gathering statistical and geometric information from the joining of two different data sources. It is created by the user through the steps of :doc: the configuration of an indicator .

An indicator is defined by the following, all accessible from the public interface after publishing the indicator:




String briefly describing the indicator


Mapping of the indicator (map file)


Tables of the attributes indicator


Graphic (histogram or pie chart) of the indicator


Document containing information on the indicator (maps, tables, graphs ...)

General operation of the module

The creation module of indicators allows the user to configure and publish indicators.

It records the parameters entered by the user, performs join between sources of spatial and statistical data, the indicator calculates and records the resulting data source in a specific project MapMint (mapfile).

The indicator is finally released automatically in WMS and WFS in a specific map viewer named indicators that must exist in the publication of indicators.

Technical requirements

To use the indicator module, it is necessary to follow the module’s activation process described below.

mkdir /var/data/indexes_maps
chown www-data:www-data -R /var/data/indexes_maps
mkdir /chemin/vers/mapmint/public_map/idx_templates
chown www-data:www-data -R /chemin/vers/mapmint/public_map/idx_templates
psql mmdb -f  /chemin/vers/mapmint/template/sql/indicators.sql

Then you must assign the value true to the key indicators of the section [main] in order to use the module from the administration interface.


In version 1 of MapMint it was necessary to have a key indexes having the value true to enable this module. It is preferable that also set this value.