Information panel

The Information Document panel lets you view and edit the document properties selected following: doc: docslist.

Document information window

Document Name

The document name must be filled synthetic. The value of the text fields is used in the public interface.

Theme of the document

A document can be linked to one or more themes by selecting them in the multiple choice list for this purpose.

File or URL

A document may be a file or a URL.

To add a file from your workstation, please click on the button “Choose File”. This entails opening a browser window to select a .pdf, .doc, .xls, .jpg or .png. Click the “Add” button, which causes loading the document on the server.

To add a URL document type, specify a valid URL in the field provided for this purpose.

Description of Document

The decription of the document is an HTML content describing the document. This content is used in the “Documents” tab of the public interface. You can edit it with rich-text editor. For more information about the features of the editor, please refer to the Documentation Summernote <> __.

Rights groups

Access to documents can be restricted to certain user groups. Click on the / target groups in the multiple choice list for this purpose.


Click by holding down the CTRL key to select multiple groups.